8 Reasons Why People Buy Fake Diplomas

Chances are you went to school, graduated, and are the proud owner of a diploma from your college or university. You worked hard and feel proud of your achievements.

So perhaps you’re curious to find out why people buy a phony diploma. Have they never considered going to back to school?

Or is there some other reason why you’d spend money on something that’s not real?

Learn more about the reasons people buy a fake diploma. Some are more surprising than you might realize!

1. You Lost Your Real Diploma

It’s upsetting when things go missing during a move. When it’s something you’ve worked hard for, such as a degree, you feel the loss even more.

It’s normally time-consuming and expensive to get degrees and diplomas replaced. If you’ve lost a lot during a move or you were the victim of a robbery, your hard work could simply be gone.

Getting a fake diploma can offer a solution and give you back a piece of your life you thought was lost for good.

2. You’re Going Back to School and Need Motivation

College and graduate school can feel daunting. Maybe you’re working hard and a member of the honor society, or perhaps you’re just trying to get through night classes.

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Either way, you dream of the day when you can hold your college diploma up and feel proud of everything you achieved. Until then, there are hard days and times when you wish you could quit.

Having a fake degree can help you feel encouraged. You’ll know the day will come where you’ll have a piece of paper showing that you completed your education.

In the meantime, a fake works just as well for encouragement.

3. One Reason Why People Buy a Fake Diploma Is to Stop Naysayers

Everyone knows a person who acts as though they’re better than everyone else because of one reason or another. In many cases, you’ll meet people who say they have a college or graduate school education and act like this is proof enough that they’re better.

While you shouldn’t get discouraged and compare yourself to others, it’s a natural part of life.

If having a hanging diploma in your office or room makes you feel better about yourself or stops them from acting as though they’re better than you, consider getting one.

4. Showing Pride or Admiration for a Certain School

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of attending Harvard or Yale. Many people would like to go to these schools, but factors such as time, money, and family responsibilities keep them from doing so.

So you go on to get your degree elsewhere, but this doesn’t stop you from wishing you had gone to your dream school. If that’s the case, you have options and a way to hang a Harvard degree on your wall–or as close as you’ll get.

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Consider getting a phony diploma from the school you wanted to attend. You can hang it on your wall just as you would an honorary degree.

5. It Serves as a Prop for Movies or Theater

Maybe you’re in charge of the props and set for a theater production, or for an upcoming movie. If the characters in the story need a diploma or degree as part of their prop, you’ll have to get a fake one.

If you already know the secrets of being a prop master in a production, you know it’s important to have realistic looking props that allow the audience to suspend disbelief.

Since fake diplomas look just like the real thing, your audience will have an easy time going along with the story, all thanks to you choosing the right props.

6. The Diploma Stands in Place Until the Real Deal Arrives

Maybe you’re almost at the finish line, but it’s still a while before you’ll get your degree. Perhaps you’re going to have a big party, but you found out you can’t get your diploma until you pay off fees.

Rather than postpone your celebration, get a fake diploma to stand in its place. Folks won’t notice the difference and it saves you any embarrassment while you wait for the real one to arrive.

7. Buying a Diploma Can Be Cheaper Than Going to School

Let’s face it: college is expensive. If you’ve always wanted a diploma but you don’t have the money to attend, it’s understandable.

Rather than put your dreams on hold, think about getting a fake degree. You can hang it on the wall, tell everyone you went, or just use it as decoration for your wall space.

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Unless you’re getting vetted by a government job, most people won’t have a way to tell if you’ve attended a specific college or not. If you’ve always wanted to be part of the crowd, consider this your opportunity to call yourself a graduate of your favorite school.

8. It’s a Great Way to Play a Practical Joke

Maybe your brother-in-law attended a smaller law school located in Indiana but always talked about going to someplace prestigious in Massachusetts. You think it would be funny to give him the gift of his dreams in a goofy way that he’ll always remember.

This is just one of the many occasions that a novelty diploma looks great and is fun to joke about. You don’t need any special occasion to give one since they work well for birthdays, holidays, and especially graduations.

The next time you feel like joking with those close to you, think about purchasing a fake diploma.

Final Thought

If you’re wondering about why people buy fake diplomas, now you know some of the most popular reasons. Before you write them off as only something dishonest folks use, consider their benefits and how much fun and joy they provide.

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