Teaching Tiny Tots: The Importance of Preschool on a Tender Brain

Attendance for early childhood education or preschool has fluctuated between 40-50% over the last couple of decades.

This low attendance rate is surprising. Especially given that the general consensus is that preschool education is very important.

One study of close to a million children in North Carolina, showed that preschool helped students maintain high tests scores and reduced absenteeism up to the fifth grade.

In another study of over 1,700 children, researchers found that students who participated in preschool through a Head Start program had higher math scores by the eighth grade.

These studies and many others show the importance of preschool. There are several other reasons preschool education is important.

Keep reading for 3 additional reasons why your child should attend preschool.

What Is Preschool?

Preschool offers early childhood education to children before they begin required education at a primary school. A preschool can also be called a nursery school, or early learning centre.

Preschools can be private or public, and the age of children they educate will depend on the establishment.

Daycare usually accepts children up to two and a half years old. Ppreschool children are between three and four, while Pre-Kindergarten students are usually between four and five years of age.

The Importance of Preschool

We’ve mentioned that attending preschool will improve test scores and reduce absenteeism through middle school, but there are several other benefits of preschool.

1. Socialization

There’s no question that humans are social creatures. But with technology becoming more and more popular, we’re finding it easier to text, message, or email rather than talk face-to-face.

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To help your child learn important social skills, it’s important to start early. Preschool can help children learn to listen, talk nicely, be brave, and show acceptance and forgiveness.

All these skills help a child develop empathy for others – and we all know the world can use a lot more empathy!

2. Parent Personal Time

As parents, we like to believe we can do it all, but sometimes we need personal time. Whether this time is taken to run errands, expand a business, earn a new degree or technical skill, or even relax, we’re sure to benefit from some personal time.

Your child will learn, socialize, and have fun while you get to spend your personal time also bettering yourself and your future. Your child will miss you, but they’ll also learn more about the world and others while developing trust and independence at a young age.

3. Structured Living

Preschool allows children to learn structure from a young age. Coming to the same building at similar times will prepare them for their future schooling. It will also reduce absenteeism in compulsory kindergarten and later in life.

Preschool provides a more relaxed setting to help them prepare for a more demanding and structured academic career.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to enroll your child into preschool for the first time can be nerve-wracking, but you’ll certainly find it rewarding.

Studies consistently show that students who attended preschool have higher test grades and benefit in other ways from early socialization.

The importance of preschool has been proven, so start your search today!

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